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Robust quantum noise detection

Published on:

16 January 2024

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Pavel Penshin,

Tamara Amro,

Ty Zabelotsky,

Amir Abramovich,

Tanmoy Pandit,

Kevin Ben'Attar,

Amir Hen,

Raam Uzdin,

Nir Bar-Gill


Key Details

New measurement scheme mitigates coherent errors when quantifying incoherent noise

Experiments on diamond nitrogen-vacancy system under controllable noise conditions

Improved robustness demonstrated in estimating dephasing time metric

Helps distinguish between coherent vs incoherent errors to advance quantum tech

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Robust quantum noise detection

This paper demonstrates a new measurement scheme that enables characterization of incoherent quantum noise while reducing the impact of coherent control errors. Experiments on a diamond nitrogen-vacancy system under controllable noise conditions exhibit improved robustness in quantifying dephasing time. This approach helps distinguish between coherent and incoherent errors to support advances in quantum technologies.

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