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Double-layer metasurfaces for multi-user mMIMO performance gains

Paper Authors:

Anastasios Papazafeiropoulos,

Pandelis Kourtessis,

Symeon Chatzinotas


Key Details

Proposes double-SIM architecture for multi-user mMIMO gains

Derives spectral efficiency analysis with statistical CSI

Performs single-phase channel estimation

Optimizes both SIMs' phase shifts simultaneously

Shows performance gains over baseline methods

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Double-layer metasurfaces for multi-user mMIMO performance gains

This paper proposes a novel architecture using two stacked intelligent metasurfaces (SIMs) to enhance multi-user massive MIMO performance. One SIM at the base station enables wave-domain decoding, while another SIM in the propagation environment further shapes signals. A channel estimation method and analysis of sum spectral efficiency are provided. Notably, an algorithm optimizes both SIMs' phase shifts simultaneously, outperforming alternating optimization.

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