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Duality of entanglement in gauge theories

Published on:

2 April 2024

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Andrea Bulgarelli,

Marco Panero


Key Details

Explicitly derives replica geometry for Abelian gauge theories

Gauge fields on conical singularity contribute to more plaquettes

Simulates entropic c-function of 3D Ising model

Matches predictions from holography on its behavior

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Duality of entanglement in gauge theories

This paper studies entanglement in lattice gauge theories using duality transformations to equivalent spin models. First, the replica trick geometry is derived for Abelian gauge theories, finding that fields on the conical singularity have more neighbors and contribute to more plaquettes. Then the entropic c-function of the 3D Ising model is simulated, which is equivalent to the 3D Z2 gauge theory. The results match predictions that the c-function transitions from conformal scaling to an exponential decay controlled by the mass gap.

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