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Optimizing warehouse inventory levels for online order fulfillment

Published on:

7 March 2024

Primary Category:

Data Structures and Algorithms

Paper Authors:

Boris Epstein,

Will Ma


Key Details

Studies inventory placement for e-commerce order fulfillment

Provides $(1-(1-1/d)^d)/2$ approximation guarantee for Offline optimization

Uses randomized rounding to optimize Offline surrogate

Experiments show Offline optimization robustly outperforms others

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Optimizing warehouse inventory levels for online order fulfillment

This paper studies the problem faced by e-commerce companies of determining inventory levels across warehouses, before facing a stream of customer orders to fulfill. It compares three methods: Offline optimization, Myopic simulation, and Fluid approximation. Theoretically, Offline optimization is shown to achieve a $(1-(1-1/d)^d)/2$ approximation guarantee, using randomized rounding techniques. Experiments on data find Offline optimization to perform best when paired with a high-quality fulfillment policy.

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