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Word length stability in free groups

Published on:

7 April 2023

Primary Category:

Group Theory

Paper Authors:

Henry Jaspars


Key Details

Proves stable length is rational for free groups under conjugation-invariant cancellation norm

Uses language theory to show length sequence is uniformly semi-arithmetic

Applies to free groups and virtually free Coxeter groups

Connects word metrics to formal language and semilinear set theory

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Word length stability in free groups

This paper proves that the stable length of words in free groups, with respect to a conjugation-invariant norm equal to cancellation length, is a rational number. Through connections to formal language theory, it shows the sequence of normed lengths for powers of words is uniformly semi-arithmetic. This answers an open question about stability and rationality for certain bi-invariant metrics on groups like free groups and Coxeter groups.

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