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Neutral atom quantum computing for mixed integer linear programming

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M. Yassine Naghmouchi,

Wesley da Silva Coelho


Key Details

Applies Benders decomposition, splitting MILP into master problem and subproblem

Solves master problem on neutral atom quantum computer after reformulating into QUBO

Implements register embedding heuristic and QAOA algorithm for pulse shaping

Proof of concept outperforms existing hybrid Benders decomposition solutions

Preliminary results show 95%+ feasible solutions of high quality on small MILP test cases

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Neutral atom quantum computing for mixed integer linear programming

This paper presents a hybrid classical-quantum approach using neutral atom quantum computing to solve mixed integer linear programming (MILP) problems. It applies Benders decomposition to break the MILP into a master problem solved on the quantum device and a subproblem solved classically. A proof of concept shows it can outperform existing solutions. Preliminary results on small MILP test cases demonstrate the approach finds over 95% high quality feasible solutions, beating classical Benders decomposition with simulated annealing.

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