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Diffusion's role in one-dimensional Bose gases

Published on:

21 December 2023

Primary Category:

Quantum Gases

Paper Authors:

Frederik Møller,

Federica Cataldini,

Jörg Schmiedmayer


Key Details

Diffusion is a correction to ballistic hydrodynamics in integrable models

Diffusion is maximal between main thermodynamic regimes of 1D Bose gases

Density mode experiment shows diffusion matters only at high wavelengths

Observed relaxation is from ballistic dephasing of trajectories

Dephasing timescale indicates validity of phonon bases for quantum simulators

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Diffusion's role in one-dimensional Bose gases

This paper quantifies the contribution of diffusion, a correction to ballistic propagation, in the hydrodynamics of one-dimensional Bose gases. Diffusion is found to be most influential in crossovers between main thermodynamic regimes. Analysis of an experiment exciting a single density mode shows diffusion is only relevant at short wavelengths; observed relaxation is from ballistic dephasing. This dephasing timescale also indicates the applicability of phonon bases used in quantum simulators.

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