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Extended Josephson junctions as multi-qubit systems

Published on:

11 September 2023

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Andrey Grankin,

Alicia J. Kollár,

Mohammad Hafezi


Key Details

Extended Josephson junctions can host multiple nonlinear plasmon modes, unlike conventional junctions limited to one.

Junction plasmon modes have distinct spatial profiles enabling individual qubit addressing.

Junction array coupled to a waveguide simulates complex quantum phenomena like topological phases.

Intra-junction two-qubit gates feasible, leveraging junction's inherent multimode structure.

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Extended Josephson junctions as multi-qubit systems

This paper introduces a new quantum architecture based on extended Josephson junctions that can host multiple qubits due to their spatial extent. The authors present a theoretical framework analyzing these junctions' light-matter interactions and nonlinear dynamics. Key results show each junction can encode multiple addressable qubits with tunable couplings, enabling diverse quantum information protocols within a single device.

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