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Engineering stable zero-energy states in coupled quantum dots

Published on:

6 November 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

Sebastiaan L. D. ten Haaf,

Qingzhen Wang,

A. Mert Bozkurt,

Chun-Xiao Liu,

Ivan Kulesh,

Philip Kim,

Di Xiao,

Candice Thomas,

Michael J. Manfra,

Tom Dvir,

Michael Wimmer,

Srijit Goswami


Key Details

Zero-energy states are engineered in a two-site 'Kitaev chain' of quantum dots

Magnetic field angle and electrostatic gates are used to tune the inter-dot couplings

At 'sweet spots', correlated zero-bias peaks persist against local perturbations

Higher energy excitations reveal information about localization of the zero-energy states

Measurements agree well with numerical simulations of the Kitaev chain model

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Engineering stable zero-energy states in coupled quantum dots

This paper demonstrates a technique to engineer robust zero-energy states in a system of two coupled quantum dots proximitized by a superconductor. By tuning magnetic field angle and electrostatic gates, they are able to reach 'sweet spots' where the quantum dot system mimics a two-site Kitaev chain. At these sweet spots, measurements reveal correlated zero-bias peaks that are resilient to perturbations, indicative of localized zero-energy states.

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