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Concavity of solutions to Schrödinger equations

Published on:

5 March 2024

Primary Category:

Differential Geometry

Paper Authors:

Gabriel Khan,

Soumyajit Saha,

Malik Tuerkoen


Key Details

Establishes log-concavity of principal eigenfunction under conformal connections

Applies this to obtain first fundamental gap bounds for horoconvex domains in H^2

Also provides convexity estimates for torsion problem on spheres

Uses continuity method and barrier functions to prove log-concavity

Studies how curvature affects concavity properties of PDE solutions

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Concavity of solutions to Schrödinger equations

This paper studies the concavity properties of solutions to Schrödinger equations with variable density and potential. It establishes log-concavity estimates for the principal eigenfunction, enabling new bounds on the fundamental spectral gap for various geometries. A key technique is the use of conformal connections to simplify computations. As an application, the paper partially resolves a conjecture on spectral gaps for horoconvex domains in hyperbolic geometry. It also derives a power convexity estimate for the torsion problem on spherical domains.

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