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Finite group symmetries in quantum field theories

Published on:

7 March 2024

Primary Category:

Mathematical Physics

Paper Authors:

Manuel Furlan,

Pavel Putrov


Key Details

Provides systematic construction of q-form symmetries in TQFTs

Uses relative cohomology classes to encode background gauge fields

Allows gluing of spacetime regions with boundaries

Works for any spacetime dimension and form degree q

Generalizes known 3d constructions

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Finite group symmetries in quantum field theories

The paper provides a systematic method to describe global and gauged finite group q-form symmetries in topological quantum field theories (TQFTs) in arbitrary spacetime dimensions. It does so by considering manifolds equipped with cohomology classes that encode the background gauge fields. The relative cohomology allows consistent gluing of spacetime regions. The method generalizes known constructions for 0-form and 1-form symmetries in 3d TQFTs.

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