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Satellite image-based rain prediction

Published on:

30 November 2023

Primary Category:

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Paper Authors:

P. Jyoteeshkumar Reddy,

Harish Baki,

Sandeep Chinta,

Richard Matear,

John Taylor


Key Details

PAUNet is a modified U-Net and ResNet architecture

It uses center cropping and attention to capture context

Training focuses more on medium and heavy rain

PAUNet beat the baseline model by 10-25% on a competition

It could improve preparation for extreme weather

AI generated summary

Satellite image-based rain prediction

This paper introduces an improved neural network model called PAUNet for predicting rain from satellite images over Europe. PAUNet outperformed an official baseline model by capturing large-scale patterns and focusing training on heavy rain. It could help emergency services and supply chains handle extreme weather.

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