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Quench dynamics of Bose mixtures in optical lattices

Published on:

24 July 2023

Primary Category:

Quantum Gases

Paper Authors:

Pardeep Kaur,

Kuldeep Suthar,

Dilip Angom,

Sandeep Gautam


Key Details

Two-component Bose mixtures exhibit different quantum dynamics than one-component Bose gas

Studies quench dynamics across second-order and first-order Mott insulator to superfluid transitions

Shows critical slowing down near transition points, as per Kibble-Zurek mechanism

Extracted exponents from scaling laws match well with mean-field predictions

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Quench dynamics of Bose mixtures in optical lattices

This paper investigates the non-equilibrium dynamics of two-component Bose-Hubbard model when tuned across quantum phase transitions. It shows the critical slowing down and formation of defects during quench, with exponents agreeing with theory.

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