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Measuring solar neutrino oscillations with SNO+

Published on:

28 March 2024

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Experiment

Paper Authors:

Daniel Cookman


Key Details

Measures theta12 and delta m^2_21 via solar neutrino oscillations

Fits 80 days of data to measure theta12 as 38.9^{+.8}_{-.79} degrees

Measurement precision statistics-limited; longer runtimes can improve

Also measures oscillations with reactor antineutrinos

Combined solar + reactor analysis can further improve precision

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Measuring solar neutrino oscillations with SNO+

The SNO+ detector uses a large volume of liquid scintillator to measure solar neutrino oscillations, specifically the oscillation parameters theta12 and delta m^2_21. An initial 80 days of data is analyzed to measure theta12. Further data will improve measurement precision.

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