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Minimal model for fermion mass hierarchies

Published on:

21 December 2023

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

Paper Authors:

Riccardo Barbieri,

Gino Isidori


Key Details

Presents two models with non-universal gauge groups broken at two high scales

Additional heavy vector bosons give mass to 2nd and 1st generation fermions

No unnaturally small Yukawa couplings needed to fit fermion masses

Lighter symmetry breaking scale could be ~10 TeV

Models extended to also explain neutrino masses

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Minimal model for fermion mass hierarchies

This paper constructs two examples of gauge theories with non-universal flavor interactions that can explain the observed quark and lepton mass spectra without unnaturally small couplings. The models have additional heavy vector bosons at two high mass scales that sequentially break the non-universal gauge symmetries. The lighter scale, associated with the masses of the second generation fermions, may be as low as 10 TeV. Both models are extended to incorporate neutrino masses.

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