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Optimizing RIS and Power for D2D Links

Paper Authors:

Sarbani Ghose,

Deepak Mishra,

Santi P. Maity,

George C. Alexandropoulos


Key Details

Studies RIS-enhanced D2D links in cellular networks

Derives outage probability analysis for general case with direct and RIS-reflected links

Proposes optimization framework for joint RIS placement and D2D power allocation

Demonstrates significant gains over benchmark schemes

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Optimizing RIS and Power for D2D Links

This paper studies device-to-device (D2D) links enhanced by reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) in a cellular network. It presents analysis of outage probability, and proposes a framework to jointly optimize RIS placement and D2D transmitter power allocation. This is done to minimize outage probability under constraints on interference and power budgets. Results show a 44% and 20% improvement over benchmark schemes.

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