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Cryogenic control of silicon quantum device thresholds

Published on:

21 December 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

M. A. Wolfe,

Brighton X. Coe,

Justin S. Edwards,

Tyler J. Kovach,

Thomas McJunkin,

Benjamin Harpt,

D. E. Savage,

M. G. Lagally,

R. McDermott,

Mark Friesen,

Shimon Kolkowitz,

M. A. Eriksson


Key Details

Illumination under bias sets device threshold to applied gate voltage

Available interface charge states limit maximum positive shift

Negative shifts show intensity-dependent saturation

Results explain cryogenic optical resetting of quantum devices

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Cryogenic control of silicon quantum device thresholds

Researchers demonstrate a technique to systematically shift the operating voltage threshold in silicon quantum devices at cryogenic temperatures. By illuminating the device while applying a gate voltage, they set a specific and reproducible threshold over a wide voltage range. They present an intuitive model explaining how light generates electron-hole pairs that screen the gate bias, and discuss mechanisms enabling threshold shifts above and below expected limits.

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