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Ranking graph transformations to repair inconsistencies

Published on:

14 May 2024

Primary Category:

Software Engineering

Paper Authors:

Lars Fritsche,

Alexander Lauer,

Andy Schürr,

Gabriele Taentzer


Key Details

Uses graph transformations to repair graph inconsistencies gradually

Equips rules with app conditions indicating impairments and repairs

Difference in violations equals difference between impairment and repair app conditions

Lookahead ranks rule applications by repair potential

Initial evaluation shows approach effectively supports graph repair

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Ranking graph transformations to repair inconsistencies

This paper presents an approach to use graph transformation rules to repair inconsistencies in graphs. It allows for inconsistencies to exist for a while before repairing them when needed. The key idea is to equip rules with impairment- and repair-indicating application conditions that count violations of constraints, instead of blocking rule applications. A main result shows the difference in constraint violations before and after a rewrite step equals the difference between violations of impairment- and repair-indicating conditions. This enables algorithms that rank rule applications by their repair potential using a lookahead. Initial evaluation shows this approach effectively supports graph repair.

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