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Domain walls in random field Ising chains

Published on:

8 January 2024

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Orphée Collin,

Giambattista Giacomin,

Yueyun Hu


Key Details

Studies Ising spins with strong ferromagnetic interaction and random external field

Shows spin configurations converge to explicit prediction by renormalization group theory

Domain locations depend heavily on the random external field realization

Typical domain length grows as square of interaction strength

Gives quantitative estimates on discrepancy density between configurations

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Domain walls in random field Ising chains

This paper studies the spin configurations of a nearest-neighbor Ising ferromagnetic chain with random external field, in the limit of very strong spin interaction. It shows the configurations converge to an explicit disorder-dependent configuration predicted by renormalization group methods. Key findings are the domain wall locations depend heavily on the disorder, the typical domain length grows as the square of the interaction strength, and quantitative estimates on the discrepancy density between actual and predicted configurations.

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