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Correlated topological insulator in a triangular lattice

Published on:

11 October 2023

Primary Category:

Strongly Correlated Electrons

Paper Authors:

Kota Ido,

Takahiro Misawa


Key Details

Noncoplanar triple-Q magnetic order emerges as ground state in triangular Kondo lattice model

Triple-Q state found at quarter filling for intermediate Kondo coupling strength

Many-body Chern number calculated to be 1, confirming triple-Q state is a Chern insulator

First demonstration of magnetic Chern insulator in original quantum Kondo lattice model

Results provide pathway to realizing topological phases in correlated electron systems

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Correlated topological insulator in a triangular lattice

This paper investigates the possibility of a correlated topological insulator called a magnetic Chern insulator in the Kondo lattice model on a triangular lattice. Using variational Monte Carlo simulations, the authors find a noncoplanar triple-Q magnetic ordered phase becomes the ground state at quarter filling for an intermediate Kondo coupling strength. They calculate the many-body Chern number based on polarization operators, showing this triple-Q state has a quantized Chern number of 1, confirming it as a many-body Chern insulator.

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