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Dynamically generated real-space multifold degeneracy in graphene

Published on:

8 November 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

Suman Aich,

Babak Seradjeh


Key Details

Twisted light with orbital angular momentum can induce multiple Floquet topological phases in graphene

Bound states form rings in real space, with radii controlled by light frequency and intensity

Rings for different quasienergy gap closings can be tuned to coincide, creating multifold degeneracies

These degeneracies enable new opportunities for quantum state control using light

Results are demonstrated analytically and confirmed numerically

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Dynamically generated real-space multifold degeneracy in graphene

This paper theoretically demonstrates the creation of real-space multifold degenerate Floquet-Bloch states in graphene irradiated by twisted circularly polarized light. Using Floquet theory, the spatial structure of quasienergies and Floquet modes are characterized in terms of the light's orbital angular momentum and radial vortex profile. At specific frequencies, vortex bound states form a multifold degenerate structure controlled by the light frequency and intensity. This offers new opportunities for optoelectronic quantum state engineering.

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