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Safety control for uncertain systems using output feedback

Published on:

1 August 2023

Primary Category:

Systems and Control

Paper Authors:

Binghan He,

Takashi Tanaka


Key Details

Proposes novel method for safety control of uncertain systems using only output feedback

Develops dynamic output feedback controller and barrier function estimator for robust enforcement of safety constraints

Barrier function estimator provides upper bound to trigger safety controller using just input/output data

Approach handles uncertainties, disturbances, and limitations like input saturation

Examples demonstrate effectiveness in ensuring safety constraints

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Safety control for uncertain systems using output feedback

This paper introduces a new approach for ensuring safety in uncertain dynamical systems that only have access to output measurements, not full state information. It develops a method to synthesize a barrier function and dynamic output feedback controller which work together to guarantee system safety despite uncertainties and disturbances. A key contribution is a robust barrier function estimator that uses only input/output data to estimate an upper bound on the barrier function value, enabling reliable triggering of the safety controller when risks arise. Through examples, the paper demonstrates the approach's capabilities in enforcing constraints and handling challenges like input saturation which can limit other methods.

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