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Simplifying Aviation Rules with AI

Published on:

14 May 2024

Primary Category:

Machine Learning

Paper Authors:

Edison Jair Bejarano Sepulveda,

Nicolai Potes Hector,

Santiago Pineda Montoya,

Felipe Ivan Rodriguez,

Jaime Enrique Orduy,

Alec Rosales Cabezas,

Danny Traslaviña Navarrete,

Sergio Madrid Farfan


Key Details

Created 24K+ Q&A dataset from aviation regulations

Experts refined dataset to ensure quality

Trained language model to simplify regulations

Model scored well in tests - improved accessibility

Enables novices to understand rules better

AI generated summary

Simplifying Aviation Rules with AI

This paper develops the first database of expertly-labeled question-answer pairs on Colombian aviation regulations and uses it to train AI models to simplify those complex rules. By translating technical jargon into plain language, the AI aims to improve understanding and compliance in the aviation industry.

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