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Tracking electron dynamics across insulator phase transitions

Published on:

22 April 2024

Primary Category:

Strongly Correlated Electrons

Paper Authors:

Marlena Dziurawiec,

Jessica O. de Almeida,

Mohit Lal Bera,

Marcin Płodzień,

Maciej Lewenstein,

Tobias Grass,

Ravindra W. Chhajlany,

Maciej M. Maśka,

Utso Bhattacharya


Key Details

Uses strong-field optics to probe phase transitions in strongly correlated systems

Tracks excitons and excitonic strings during transition from Mott insulator to charge density wave

Subcycle analysis of high harmonics reveals ultrafast dynamics of complex excitations

Appearance of certain optical excitations indicates a first-order insulator phase transition

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Tracking electron dynamics across insulator phase transitions

This paper explores using intense laser pulses and high harmonic generation to probe the nature of quantum phase transitions between Mott insulator and charge density wave phases in strongly correlated materials. The technique can track the formation of complex excitations like excitons and excitonic strings, providing evidence these materials transition between phases in a first-order manner.

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