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Active RIS for AirComp Error Reduction

Published on:

30 November 2023

Primary Category:

Information Theory

Paper Authors:

Deyou Zhang,

Ming Xiao,

Mikael Skoglund,

H. Vincent Poor


Key Details

Proposes novel active RIS concept for aiding AirComp systems

Jointly optimizes transceiver & RIS design to minimize errors

Shows active RIS can greatly outperform passive RIS via analysis

Extends design to account for active RIS self-interference

Demonstrates superiority of active RIS-aided AirComp via simulation

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Active RIS for AirComp Error Reduction

This paper proposes using an active reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) to assist over-the-air computation (AirComp) systems. An active RIS has amplifiers integrated into its reflecting elements, overcoming limitations of passive RISs. The paper jointly optimizes the transceiver design and RIS configuration to minimize AirComp errors. Through analysis and simulation, it shows active RIS can substantially reduce errors compared to passive RIS, unless its self-interference is too severe.

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