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Vortex formation in nonlinear fluids of light

Paper Authors:

Thibault Congy,

Pierre Azam,

Robin Kaiser,

Nicolas Pavloff


Key Details

Vortices in fluids of light obey topological constraints beyond vorticity conservation

New mechanisms form/annihilate vortex/antivortex pairs in compressible, non-stationary fluids

Experiments on laser beams propagating in nonlinear media demonstrate these mechanisms

Theoretical analysis shows both new and known mechanisms are fold-Hopf bifurcations

This provides new insights into quantum turbulence in compressible superfluids

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Vortex formation in nonlinear fluids of light

This paper presents experimental and theoretical results on how quantum vortices form in laser beams propagating through nonlinear media. The authors identify new mechanisms for vortex/antivortex pair creation and annihilation, enabled by the fluid's finite compressibility and non-stationarity. These mechanisms rely on topological constraints beyond mere vorticity conservation.

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