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LIGO constrains primordial black holes down to planetary masses

Published on:

29 February 2024

Primary Category:

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

Paper Authors:

Andrew L. Miller,

Nancy Aggarwal,

Sébastien Clesse,

Federico De Lillo,

Surabhi Sachdev,

Pia Astone,

Cristiano Palomba,

Ornella J. Piccinni,

Lorenzo Pierini


Key Details

Performs first search for planet-mass primordial black hole mergers

Sets upper limits on merger rates and dark matter fraction

New method computationally cheaper than standard techniques

Equal-mass and asymmetric-mass binaries constrained

Complements microlensing experiments

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LIGO constrains primordial black holes down to planetary masses

This paper performs the first search for gravitational waves from merging primordial black holes with masses comparable to planets. No detections are made, but new constraints are placed on how abundant these tiny black holes could be. The analysis introduces computationally efficient methods to probe these faint sources.

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