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Key norm inequalities for Hilbert space operators

Published on:

2 April 2024

Primary Category:

Functional Analysis

Paper Authors:

Pintu Bhunia


Key Details

Obtains new norm inequalities for sums and products of operators

Provides bounds for Schatten p-norms based on rank and eigenvalues

Shows the function p→n−1/p‖A‖p is increasing for matrices A

Gives bounds for zeros of a polynomial using companion matrix

Improves bounds for graph energy using adjacency matrix rank

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Key norm inequalities for Hilbert space operators

This paper develops several useful norm inequalities for operators on Hilbert spaces. It obtains bounds on operator norms and Schatten p-norms in terms of eigenvalues, rank, and other operator properties. An application gives improved bounds on the zeros of polynomials. It also refines bounds on graph energy using the adjacency matrix rank.

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