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A magnetic glimpse into the hidden quantum realm of NiTe2

Published on:

9 March 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

Tian Le,

Ruihan Zhang,

Changcun Li,

Ruiyang Jiang,

Haohao Sheng,

Linfeng Tu,

Xuewei Cao,

Zhaozheng Lyu,

Jie Shen,

Guangtong Liu,

Fucai Liu,

Zhijun Wang,

Li Lu,

Fanming Qu


Key Details

NiTe2 hosts exotic quantum states confined along its edges

Applying in-plane magnetic fields filters bulk signals to highlight edge states

Observations and theory reveal 'obstructed' states in unconventional NiTe2

Spin-locking makes the edge states robust against magnetic fields

Creative techniques can uncover hidden quantum states in materials

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A magnetic glimpse into the hidden quantum realm of NiTe2

This paper unveils the existence of exotic quantum states confined along the edges of the layered material NiTe2. By constructing Josephson junction devices and applying magnetic fields, the researchers were able to filter out signals from the material's interior and highlight contributions purely from the edge states. Their observations, combined with theoretical calculations, provide strong evidence that NiTe2 hosts 'obstructed' states, which arise from a mismatch between the average electronic and atomic positions in certain unconventional materials. These edge-confined obstructed states exhibit unique properties such as spin-locking, which causes them to be far more robust against magnetic fields than conventional states. The findings showcase how quantum states hidden at the boundaries of materials can be revealed through clever experimental techniques.

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