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Index modulation for integrated radar-communications

Published on:

16 January 2024

Primary Category:

Signal Processing

Paper Authors:

Ahmet M. Elbir,

Abdulkadir Celik,

Ahmed M. Eltawil,

Moeness G. Amin


Key Details

Index modulation techniques embed communication symbols into radar waveforms

Subcarrier, antenna, frequency, phase, and spatial path indices are exploited

Enables higher spectral efficiency while preserving radar functionality

Main approaches: OFDM IM, antenna IM, joint antenna & frequency IM, spatial path IM

Open challenges include waveform design, data rate limits, receiver complexity

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Index modulation for integrated radar-communications

This paper provides an overview of index modulation techniques for integrated sensing and communications systems. These techniques modulate information bits into radar waveforms by exploiting indices of resources like subcarriers, antennas, frequencies, phases, and spatial paths. This improves spectral efficiency while maintaining radar performance. Key applications include OFDM subcarrier index modulation, antenna index modulation over sparse arrays, joint antenna and frequency index modulation, spatial path index modulation for mmWave systems, etc. Challenges remain in waveform design, achieving higher data rates, and receiver complexity.

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