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Solitons and conserved quantities in dual-unitary quantum circuits

Published on:

21 December 2023

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Tom Holden-Dye,

Lluis Masanes,

Arijeet Pal


Key Details

Support of local operators grows at speed of light in dual-unitary circuits

One-to-one correspondence between width-w solitons and conserved quantities

Can construct solitons via products of smaller solitons

Also via Jordan-Wigner transformed fermionic operators

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Solitons and conserved quantities in dual-unitary quantum circuits

This paper studies dual-unitary quantum circuits, which are models of many-body quantum dynamics consisting of a 1D lattice of 2-qudit gates arranged in a 'brickwork' pattern. A key property is that the support of any local operator is constrained to grow at the speed of light along the circuit. Using this, the paper shows a one-to-one correspondence between width-w solitons (local operators propagating without distortion) and width-w conserved quantities. It gives explicit constructions of solitons in qubit circuits, either via products of smaller solitons, or via Jordan-Wigner transformed fermionic operators.

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