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Resource allocation for RIS wireless systems

Published on:

6 November 2023

Primary Category:

Information Theory

Paper Authors:

Ming Zeng,

Wanming Hao,

Zhangjie Peng,

Zheng Chu,

Xingwang Li,

Changsheng You,

Cunhua Pan


Key Details

Reviews low-complexity resource allocation algorithms for RIS

Analyzes impact of hardware impairments on RIS performance

Compares algorithms like SDP, MM, PSO in complexity and performance

Discusses use of machine learning for RIS resource allocation

Identifies key open problems like imperfect CSI and joint low-complexity & robust designs

AI generated summary

Resource allocation for RIS wireless systems

This paper investigates resource allocation techniques for wireless systems using reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS). The focus is on developing solutions that have low complexity and are robust to hardware impairments. The paper reviews recent work in these areas and provides numerical results comparing different algorithms. Challenges and future research directions are also discussed.

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