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Controlling Majorana states in semiconductor-superconductor networks

Published on:

6 July 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

Juan Daniel Torres Luna,

Sathish R. Kuppuswamy,

Anton R. Akhmerov


Key Details

Develops a design for a Majorana trijunction to couple different Majorana pairs

Uses 3D electrostatic simulations and quantum transport to model the device

Employs optimization to find optimal gate voltages for selective Majorana coupling

Demonstrates feasibility of braiding protocol by simulating Majorana exchange

Analyzes impact of geometry and disorder on coupling control

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Controlling Majorana states in semiconductor-superconductor networks

This paper designs a 'trijunction' device to selectively couple different pairs of Majorana zero modes in a semiconductor-superconductor platform. Using simulations and optimization, they identify gate voltage configurations to maximize desired Majorana couplings while minimizing undesired ones. This enables braiding of Majorana states, a key operation for topological quantum computing.

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