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Constant string coupling compactifications with broken supersymmetry

Published on:

11 September 2023

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Theory

Paper Authors:

J. Mourad,

A. Sagnotti


Key Details

Proposes compactifications to 4D Minkowski space with broken SUSY and constant g_s

Includes an internal interval, which breaks SUSY

Probe brane experiences equal gravitational repulsion and charge attraction

Effective O3 planes with opposite tension and charge lie at interval endpoints

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Constant string coupling compactifications with broken supersymmetry

This paper proposes a novel class of string theory vacua that yield four-dimensional Minkowski spaces with broken supersymmetry and constant string coupling at low energies. The key feature is the inclusion of an internal interval in the compactification geometry, which leads to the breaking of supersymmetry. A probe brane analysis reveals the presence of effective orientifold planes localized at the interval endpoints, with equal but opposite gravitational and charge forces.

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