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Cliques in 5-ary Simplex Codes

Published on:

8 February 2024

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Mariusz Kwiatkowski,

Andrzej Matraś,

Mark Pankov,

Adam Tyc


Key Details

There are two types of maximal cliques in the graph studied

Cliques of the same type can be mapped to each other for 5-ary codes

This uses properties of the inversion transform on the code's field

Additional examples are given for codes over fields of sizes 7 and 11

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Cliques in 5-ary Simplex Codes

This paper studies maximal cliques, which are complete subgraphs, in the graph formed by 5-ary simplex codes of dimension 2. It finds that there are two types of maximal cliques - stars and tops. For cliques of the same type, there are transformations that map one to the other. Examples for codes over larger fields finish the paper.

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