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Classic test-time adaptation methods fail for semantic segmentation

Published on:

9 October 2023

Primary Category:

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Paper Authors:

Chang'an Yi,

Haotian Chen,

Yifan Zhang,

Yonghui Xu,

Lizhen Cui


Key Details

Batch norm updating is ineffective for segmentation TTA

Teacher-student stabilizes but does not improve segmentation TTA

Severe long-tail challenge in segmentation TTA

Test augmentation partially relieves long-tail issue

Classic TTA methods fail for segmentation tasks

AI generated summary

Classic test-time adaptation methods fail for semantic segmentation

This paper systematically investigates classic test-time adaptation (TTA) methods for semantic segmentation. Through extensive experiments, it finds that techniques effective for classification TTA, like batch norm updating and teacher-student schemes, do not work well for segmentation. Key challenges are inaccurate distribution estimation and long-tailed class imbalance. The paper provides insights to guide future segmentation TTA research.

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