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Visualizing and quantifying walkability in Dublin

Published on:

11 October 2023

Primary Category:

Computers and Society

Paper Authors:

Minkun Kim


Key Details

Uses Tableau and Google Maps API to visualize walkable vs unwalkable areas in Dublin

Finds many unwalkable areas are around Dublin's urban edge

Quantifies walkability's impact on housing prices with regression modeling

Adds interaction terms to model unwalkability's effect with other variables

Suggests walkability is a key factor in urban quality of life

AI generated summary

Visualizing and quantifying walkability in Dublin

This paper explores effective ways to communicate and analyze the concept of walkability in Dublin. It introduces walkability as measuring the quality of an urban area based on proximity to amenities. The paper visualizes less walkable areas in Dublin using Tableau and the Google Maps API. It also quantifies walkability's economic impact by assessing its effect on housing prices via regression modeling. Overall, the paper provides data-driven insights into walkability and its relationship with urban quality of life.

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