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RIS Improves LoRa Interference Resistance

Published on:

6 November 2023

Primary Category:

Information Theory

Paper Authors:

Zhaokun Liang,

Guofa Cai,

Jiguang He,

Georges Kaddoum,

Chongwen Huang,

Merouane Debbah


Key Details

RISs can steer signals and suppress interference in LoRa networks

Both non-coherent and coherent detection are considered

Closed-form bit error rate expressions are derived over fading channels

Increasing RIS elements enhances performance and combats fading

Proposed system outperforms conventional LoRa under interference

AI generated summary

RIS Improves LoRa Interference Resistance

This paper proposes using reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) to improve the interference resistance of long-range (LoRa) communication systems. The RIS intelligently controls the wireless propagation environment to enhance the desired signal and suppress interference from other LoRa devices. Analytical and simulation results confirm the proposed RIS-aided system achieves better bit error rate performance than conventional LoRa under interference.

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