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Quantum phenomena in frustrated maple leaf magnet

Published on:

17 January 2024

Primary Category:

Strongly Correlated Electrons

Paper Authors:

Pratyay Ghosh


Key Details

Maple leaf magnet features hexagons, triangles and dimers

Special region found that could host quantum spin liquid

Phase diagram shows Néel order and dimerized singlet phase

Bond operator and DMRG calculations provide evidence for spin liquid

System highlights potential for deconfined quantum criticality

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Quantum phenomena in frustrated maple leaf magnet

This paper investigates the potential for exotic quantum effects like quantum spin liquids and deconfined quantum critical points in a frustrated quantum magnet system called the maple leaf model. By tuning the couplings, an interplay emerges between antiferromagnetic Néel order and a gapped, dimerized singlet phase, which could harbor an intervening spin liquid phase and an associated deconfined critical point.

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