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Non-reciprocal interactions in Ising spins

Published on:

9 November 2023

Primary Category:

Statistical Mechanics

Paper Authors:

Yael Avni,

Michel Fruchart,

David Martin,

Daniel Seara,

Vincenzo Vitelli


Key Details

A non-reciprocal Ising model with two spin species is introduced

Mean-field theory predicts disordered, static ordered, and swap phases

Fluctuations destroy static order in any dimension

Swap phase is unstable in 2D but stable in 3D

3D swap to disorder transition has XY model critical behavior

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Non-reciprocal interactions in Ising spins

This paper introduces a non-reciprocal version of the Ising model, with two spin species that interact differently with each other. It studies the model's phases and dynamics using analytical mean-field theory and large-scale Monte Carlo simulations. A time-dependent 'swap' phase emerges, along with disordered and static ordered phases. Fluctuations destroy the static order in any dimension, while the swap phase is unstable in 2D but stable in 3D, with XY model critical behavior.

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