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Star formation in dwarf galaxies depends on environment

Paper Authors:

Charlotte R. Christensen,

Alyson Brooks,

Ferah Munshi,

Claire Riggs,

Jordan Van Nest,

Hollis Akins,

Thomas R Quinn,

Lucas Chamberland


Key Details

Isolated dwarfs have lower stellar masses than dwarfs in dense regions

Isolated dwarfs have higher gas fractions and bluer colors

Isolated dwarfs assemble their mass later

Isolated dwarfs form stars later into cosmic time

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Star formation in dwarf galaxies depends on environment

This paper compares simulations of dwarf galaxies formed in isolated environments to those formed near massive galaxies. It finds that isolated dwarfs have lower stellar masses, higher gas fractions, later mass assembly, and more recent star formation than dwarfs in denser regions. Even central dwarfs show these trends, indicating mechanisms beyond satellite quenching are at play.

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