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Superconducting interconnects for cryoelectronics

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11 August 2023

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Ivan Filippov,

Alexandr Anikanov,

Aleksandr Rykov,

Alexander Mumlyakov,

Maksim Shibalov,

Igor Trofimov,

Nikolay Porokhov,

Yuriy Anufriev,

Michael Tarkhov


Key Details

Investigated methods to produce superconducting interconnects between layers in cryoelectronics

Etched high aspect ratio vias in silicon using Bosch process

Implemented 'supercycles' of oxidation and etching to smooth via sidewalls

Achieved superconducting contacts after depositing niobium into ultra-smooth vias

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Superconducting interconnects for cryoelectronics

This paper investigates methods to fabricate smooth-walled, superconducting through-silicon vias (TSVs) to enable high-density interconnects between layers in cryoelectronic devices like quantum computers. A process combining deep reactive ion etching and 'supercycles' of oxidation and etching produced ultra-smooth vertical vias that enabled conformal niobium deposition and superconducting contacts between layers.

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