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Quantum phases in spin system with competing interactions

Published on:

11 March 2024

Primary Category:

Strongly Correlated Electrons

Paper Authors:

Huan-Qiang Zhou,

Qian-Qian Shi,

Ian P. McCulloch,

Murray T. Batchelor


Key Details

Model has staggered SU(3) symmetry at dimer point, breaking to U(1) x U(1)

At trimer point, uniform SU(3) symmetry breaks to U(1) x U(1)

In between, uniform SU(2) symmetry breaks to U(1)

Degeneracies match sequences related to self-similar logarithmic spirals

Fractal dimension of states equals number of type-B Goldstone modes

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Quantum phases in spin system with competing interactions

This paper investigates spontaneous symmetry breaking and resulting exotic quantum phases in a 1D quantum spin-1 system with competing dimer and trimer interactions. Three distinct symmetry breaking patterns emerge, with different numbers of type-B Goldstone modes, leading to macroscopic ground state degeneracies. These degenerate states exhibit self-similar, fractal-like structures described by a fractal dimension identical to the number of Goldstone modes. Overall, this spin system displays unusual scale invariant quantum states of matter.

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