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Evolution of galaxy clustering

Published on:

18 April 2023

Primary Category:

Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics

Paper Authors:

Jaan Einasto,

Gert Hütsi,

Lauri-Juhan Liivamägi,

Changbom Park,

Juhan Kim,

Istval Szapudi,

Maret Einasto


Key Details

Bias parameters of galaxies decrease over cosmic time

Faint galaxies have constant low bias, reside in same web

Dark matter clustering transitions continuously to low densities

Galaxy and dark matter clustering differ, describe web differently

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Evolution of galaxy clustering

This paper analyzes the evolution of galaxy clustering using large cosmological simulations. It finds that bias parameters decrease over time, confirming earlier results. The bias of faint galaxies approaches a low constant level, suggesting they reside in the same cosmic web as brighter galaxies. Differences between galaxy and dark matter clustering suggest they describe different web properties.

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