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Quantum memory effects in a two-level system

Published on:

2 November 2023

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Amit Kumar Chatterjee,

Satoshi Takada,

Hisao Hayakawa


Key Details

Exceptional points cause additional algebraic time-dependence, enabling double quantum Mpemba effects

Complex eigenvalues produce oscillatory relaxation trajectories that can intersect multiple times

Analytical criteria provided for quantum Mpemba effects in density matrix, energy, and other observables

Thermal quantum Mpemba effect demonstrated in presence of coherence

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Quantum memory effects in a two-level system

This paper explores the quantum Mpemba effect, where hotter quantum systems can relax faster than colder ones, in a two-level quantum system. It shows how exceptional points and complex eigenvalues in the system's dynamics can lead to multiple intersections between relaxing trajectories, a phenomenon called multiple quantum Mpemba effects.

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