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Blue compact galaxies transforming in isolation

Published on:

15 February 2023

Primary Category:

Astrophysics of Galaxies

Paper Authors:

Soo-Chang Rey,

Suk Kim,

Jiwon Chung,

Youngdae Lee


Key Details

Isolated blue compact dwarfs found at low redshift through visual inspection

They exhibit star formation properties comparable to examples in dense clusters

This suggests two formation channels: nature and nurture, depending on environment

A recurring gas accretion model may explain the isolated cases' star formation

Isolated and cluster blue compact dwarfs likely comprise a mixed population

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Blue compact galaxies transforming in isolation

This paper reports the discovery of many isolated dwarf galaxies with blue cores and signs of star formation, challenging the idea that blue compact dwarfs only form through environmental effects. The isolated examples indicate recurring gas accretion can sustain bursts of central star formation over cosmic timescales.

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