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Aerial 3D printing using modular chunks

Paper Authors:

Marios-Nektarios Stamatopoulos,

Avijit Banerjee,

George Nikolakopoulos


Key Details

Proposes modular 'chunking' strategy to divide models for aerial printing

Uses optimization search to find best chunk divisions

Experimental printing emulation with a real UAV validates approach

Identifies gaps from simulation to real-world application

Lays groundwork to enable large-scale aerial construction

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Aerial 3D printing using modular chunks

This paper introduces a new aerial 3D printing concept that strategically breaks down 3D models into smaller, modular chunks for distributed printing by teams of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Through experimental emulation of the printing process, the feasibility and motion planning for this pioneering approach is assessed, identifying challenges to make this become reality.

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