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Fabricating diamond nanocavities for efficient quantum networking

Published on:

7 November 2023

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Tommaso Pregnolato,

Marco E. Stucki,

Julian M. Bopp,

Maarten H. v. d. Hoeven,

Alok Gokhale,

Olaf Krüger,

Tim Schröder


Key Details

Presents fabrication process for novel 'Sawfish' photonic crystal cavities in diamond

Cavities are fully suspended nanostructures 20.5 μm long with features as small as 40 nm

Measures quality factors up to 3825 and resonances within 1.2% of theory

Shows Sawfish design is robust against unavoidable fabrication imperfections

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Fabricating diamond nanocavities for efficient quantum networking

This paper demonstrates a new method to fabricate nanoscale 'Sawfish' photonic crystal cavities in diamond. These tiny structures can enhance emission of quantum light from diamond color centers, which is key for building quantum networks. Despite fabrication challenges, the resulting cavities closely matched simulations and theory. This proves the design is robust and makes it very promising for future quantum technologies.

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