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Quantum correlations and teleportation with dephasing

Published on:

3 July 2023

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Mehboob Rashid,

Muzaffar Qadir Lone,

Prince A Ganai


Key Details

Initial system-environment correlations help maintain quantum correlations longer than standard models.

Entanglement and discord show non-monotonic dynamics due to these initial correlations.

For quantum teleportation, initial correlations affect fidelity only when acting on the teleported qubit.

There is a critical temperature below which teleportation fidelity exceeds the classical limit.

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Quantum correlations and teleportation with dephasing

This paper analyzes how quantum correlations like entanglement and discord in a two-qubit system are affected by interactions with the environment, and how useful these correlations remain for quantum teleportation. The authors model a specific type of noise called dephasing, and show quantum correlations can persist longer than expected. They also examine how teleportation fidelity is impacted, finding initial system-environment correlations play a role.

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