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Standardized storage for 6G testbed data

Published on:

5 November 2023

Primary Category:

Signal Processing

Paper Authors:

Gilles Callebaut,

Michiel Sandra,

Christian Nelson,

Thomas Wilding,

Daan Delabie,

Benjamin J. B. Deutschmann,

William Tärneberg,

Emma Fitzgerald,

Anders J. Johansson,

Liesbet Van der Perre


Key Details

Proposes Dataset Storage Standard (DSS) for 6G testbed data

Uses description files to detail experiments and hardware

Stores measurement data in tensor format

Provides API layer for convenience and extensibility

Seeks to enable open data sharing and collaboration

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Standardized storage for 6G testbed data

This paper proposes a Dataset Storage Standard to facilitate data sharing and reuse from 6G testbeds. The standard provides a structured format to store metadata, hardware descriptions, and measurement data, enhancing accessibility, interoperability, and convenience of processing. Key aspects include description files detailing experiments, a tensor-based storage format, and an API layer. The standard aims to promote open data sharing and collaboration in 6G research.

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